Designer Leather Backpacks

We've designed leather backpacks which reach beyond your standard, boring classic design.


From childhood we’ve used backpacks to lug our books back and forth to school.  Your backpack was as important then as a fashion accessory.  From elementary school up through high school and on into college, we’ve incorporated our backpacks into our style and our sense of style into our backpacks.  


Soft and colorful leather for each Harper Ave designer leather backpacksToday’s backpack should be utilitarian as well as fashionable being often a replacement for an everyday purse, computer bag, overnight duffel or standard tote bag.  Though the need for your classic rucksack has evolved they haven’t however much evolved in design.  This is why we set out to update the classic backpack to fit the style and needs of the chic modern gal on the go. 


To create a bag which can truly be called a woman's “designer backpack” we looked to great creative minds to inspire our creativity, from great artists to amazing architects.  From Europe, Asia and the Americas, we’ve pulled the elements of design, form, function, minimalism and maximization to develop more than just a rucksack, more than just a bag to tote your things, more than just a fashion accessory.


Luxury Designer Patent Leather Backpacks from Harper AveOur unique approach to designing leather backpacks incorporates such features as bold main colors, clear side panels, alternate tones of leather for straps and back panels as well as stitching and borders in complementary colors.


Each luxury backpack is built with both form and function in mind as illustrated by their large size, extra pockets, comfortable straps and secure closures.   We use high-quality luxurious leathers many of which are extremely glossy patent making them ideal for rainy days. They’ve also been freezer tested so you won’t have to worry about them getting stiff and crackled after a walk in the snow.


Whether at school, work, or boarding your next flight to exotic parts unknown you’ll find that with its design, functionality, style and luxury - your Harper Ave designer leather backpack has your back… quite literally!

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