Turning Your Harper Ave Designer Leather Backpack into New Year’s Eve Survival Kit



Here's How to Turn Your Harper Ave Designer Leather Backpack into New Year’s Eve Survival Kit

When you’re in the jungle you need a machete, water and compass… when you’re in the snow it’s warm puffy clothes, boots, and some sunnies. Well when you’re bouncing from dinner to party and party to after-party then, eventually, home this New Year’s Eve you’ll need some essentials to get you through the craziest night of the year in the concrete jungle. Here’s our Top 5 list of necessary items besides your makeup, keys and mobile:

 New Year's Eve 2013 - Luxury Designer Patent/Leather Backpacks from Harper Ave

  1. Clear nail polish: The humble little bottle of clear nail polish is actually a multi tasking fashion emergency lifesaver! Run in your stockings? Dab polish at both ends to stop it in its tracks. A quick coat will also stop sparkly costume jewelry from tarnishing, protect the threads in your buttons from unraveling, and keep loose screws in place in your cute cat-eye glasses.

  2. A warm and luxurious scarf: Yes this little accessory can be easily folded and placed in your backpack and whipped out at a moment’s notice to fight off that cold December breeze when you’re stepping from curb to cab or out onto the terrace. Step into that warm restaurant or hot club and back it goes, folded and tucked, ready to spring into action at the next stage of your New Year’s adventure.

  3. Your top coat or jacket: Equally vital in the cold weather this year’s end is the jacket or overcoat which you’ll need at times but definitely won’t want to wear to the party since you’ll be wanting to show off that amazing outfit you sank half a month’s paycheck into. Like its luxurious counterpart the scarf, your jacket can be popped out and on in a New York minute to save you from starting the New Year off in bed with a cold.

  4. If you’re going to that loft party or your friend’s place then an absolute necessity for New Year’s survival is your personal bottle of champagne to pop as the ball falls and the countdown reaches the climactic call of “Happy New Years!”. As otherwise sane people go bonkers celebrating by showering the crowd with bubbly you don’t want to be left empty handed or be caught at countdown en route from the bar or drink table. This way you and your girlfriends or beau can be set and ready to pop the cork and usher in the first day of a great year!

  5. Umbrella, Umbrella, Umbrella! Yes it deserves a triple-mention. New Year’s Eve’s are notorious for rain or snow which can undue hours (and many dollars worth) of hair-styling, not to mention that like cats, makeup and rain don’t get along. A simple extendable umbrella can be just the thing to save the night and keep you looking like a million.

  6. For the gal who works late New Years you’re likely going to be doing miracles in the changing room at work so you’ll need to have a full range of tools from blow drier to face products as well as your glamorous duds and heels for the party. So once you’ve done your quick-change act, makeup and hair you’ll need to stow your mild-mannered secret identity clothes and step out as a stylish vixen ready for anything the city brings.


It’s a good thing that your Harper Ave backpack is super-roomy!


So this December 31st you’ll be set to beat fickle weather and focus on having a great time. Stay safe and have a ball!


Happy New Years from all of us here at Harper Ave!


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