It's Clear Why We Love Our See-Through Backpacks!

5 Reasons to Love Clear Backpacks


Why do I love my Harper Ave leather backpack with clear sides? Let me count the ways


Clear Backpack: Cool bacpack with see-through plastic sides.Clear backpacks are not only super cute and trendy, but utilitarian. Since our bags are large you can fit a lot into them, as we often carry everything from phone, keys, a change of clothes, makeup and toiletries to school gear, yoga clothes, shades, and likely half of that cronut we had with our almond latte this morning that we’re going to devour once we reach our destination.


This leads us to our first reason we love a clear backpack…


  1. Easily Finding Little Things:

When you’re about to hop on the metro, key-card yourself into work, answer that ringing phone or get the keys to open the door before you get completely soaked - then it helps to have a backpack with clear sides. Instead of rummaging through a mountain of personal things or doing the ol’ upside down dump of everything on the floor you can quickly scan both sides and with a little jiggle here and there to reshuffle and a hand inside to help forage, I’ve found you can quickly come to that all-important item and without breaking a sweat - or a nail!

  1. Clear Backpacks are Cute Backpacks:

Have you seen a clear backpack? They’re super fashionable as you don’t just have the color of the bag but you get these bits of color, without much detail, though the clear sides which ads a bit of flare on top of the color of the bag. It’s like you’ve stolen a Renoir and have it in your bag! You can even color-coordinate using your clear backpack as you can accentuate your blue-suede heels or your red designer jeans by dropping a nice piece of light fabric of the same or complimentary color into your bag and have it shine out of the see-though sides.

  1. Make a Statement

If you want to make a statement then you can use your Harper Ave Clear Backpack to showcase it. Drop a picture or a card in there, even using a little tape, and voila! – you’re letting everyone who passes have a peek at your statement whether it’s wishing them a Happy Holiday, showing your school pride, supporting your favorite cause or just giving those folks behind you a smile with some funny face you drew. This little thing you put in (as well as the color coordination) can also add that privacy on those days you don’t want to show everyone your sneakers and socks or your other more-personal items.

  1. See-though Backpacks Allow You to Strut Your StuffCute backpack with clear plastic sides by Harper Ave

Who’d have thought that a Clear Backpack could be a conversation started but when you’re standing in line at the store or sitting on the train home? You’ll be surprised how a little peek at your bag or the title of the book inside it can provide that cute guy next to you with a great opener. We gals do often spend a lot of time on making ourselves look good but we also want guys to know that we’re more than just a pretty face. When he catches a glimpse of that book your reading or that statement you’re making or the color you’re coordinating then it provides instant ideas for making that otherwise awkward introductory comment. So don’t be surprised to have that tall handsome fella sitting next to you say “That’s a really cool backpack you’ve got” or “excuse me but I couldn’t help but notice that you read Hemmingway… I love Hemmingway!”. Besides, we want more than just a pretty face too!

  1. Clear Plastic Backpacks are Durable.

PVC is a durable plastic/vinyl material which means that it will last and last taking that regular beating that many a backpack gets throughout the day. The waterproofing aspect means that you don’t have to worry about your things getting soaked while you can easily see what’s in your bag – mid-downpour. Harper Ave Clear Backpacks are designed to be long-lasting, tough bags with style and flare for girls on the go.


If you have reasons why you love your Harper Ave Designer Leather Backpack with Clear Sides then share it!

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