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Backpack to the Future ->  How backpacks have evolved from just a bag to a comfortable, convenient and stylish fashion must-have!

Backpack to the Future: The evolution of the backpack by Harper Ave

The term “backpack” was coined in the United States in the early 1900’s referring to a simple pack fitted with straps that keeps the pack on the wearer’s back. Other words like “Rucksack” or “knapsack” have Germanic origins. Originally used for hiking and climbing and other outdoor activities they’ve since evolved into a utilitarian fashion item. Many backpacks were also used by the military to carry supplies and among the main types of backpacks these more often included wood frames to help distribute the weight to the hips in order to relieve the shoulders, especially with heavier loads.


Backpacks made their way into everyday modern life with their usefulness to kids lugging their heavy books to and from school. Kids’ school bags were often just briefcase-style leather bags with a single strap thrown over the shoulder. Such bags have been in use since at least the 1910’s but throughout the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s we saw a boom in design. Backpacks, especially for students, became marketing tools with kids’ brands making bags with popular characters. For adults there was a much wider variety of styles depending on the occasion whether it was for outdoors, school, work or play.


As backpacks became more of a necessity for many on-the-go people it opened up for designers to begin creating luxury versions. Though many of these designer backpacks looked great many were more for show than for use. Often people traded style for comfort or comfort for style.


We’ve taken a mixed approach to blend design with utility, luxury with comfort. Our designs are based on the works of great artists and architects who’ve themselves done the same with their works.   Using simplicity and balance in design and a range of colors, materials and fabrics we’ve developed a line of truly designer backpacks.


Whether you like bright colors like our Takashi or Vermeer, bold solids like our Mies or Le Corb or you want the soft cream of our Farnsworth or Cyclades, you’ll love the design, the comfort, the roominess and the luxury of each Harper Ave backpack.

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