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This DIY bellini bar is a delicious and fun little setup to have at your next holiday bash. Your guests get to customize their bubbly with fresh mixes made of just pure fruit and a bit of homemade simple syrup. These are a yummier, healthier, and cheaper alternative to store bought cocktail mixes. Here I made strawberry and guava mixes, but you can use the formula for any fresh or frozen fruit- I have made peach, passion fruit, and even mango ginger in the past (to add a ginger flavor to any mix just throw a piece of fresh ginger in while cooking the simple syrup and remove the ginger once the syrup has cooled).
So here is what you will need:
To make the simple syrup heat the sugar and water in a little pot over medium until the sugar has dissolved, then remove from flame and set aside to cool. Keep an eye on it while heating, if you overcook the sugar it will caramelize and we don't want that here. 
It should look just teensy tiny bit cloudy when all the sugar has dissolved:
Now cut off the tops of the strawberries and then quarter them. 
Blend the strawberries with a splash of simple syrup- use more syrup if you want your mix to be sweeter.  
Once the strawbs are all smooth and blended, decant the puree into whatever you will be serving it from- here I used a science beaker I ordered on Amazon. I love beakers- they are cheap, cute, and can handle freezing or boiling liquids.
Next up is the guava mix. I found a brand of frozen tropical fruit pulps called Goya at Pavillions- they are great and easy to blend into a smooth puree, and come in delicious exotic flavors like passion fruit. 
The packet comes frozen rock hard so I partially thaw it out and then blend it with a splash of simple syrup.
After I make the purees, I dip the rims of the champagne flutes in a little dish with simple syrup, and then in a dish of crushed hard candy, to make the cocktails look a little more festive. 
And that is all you need to do! Make some cute labels for all the ingredients, set them out, and let your guests build their drinks!
Ladle some syrup in a glass:
Then carefully pour in some bubbly:
Give it a gentle stir, and voila! A yummy custom bellini, cheers!

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