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I tried to think of a way to contribute a little festive sparkle and whimsy to a friend's dinner party over the holidays and here is what I came up with... plastic animals from the drug store + Elmer's glue + glitter= epic place cards. Elmer's glue is not my most favorite glue, GEM-TAC is better for these kinds of projects because it is stickier when wet- so if you got some use it, or get some if you can  (it kept rhinestones securely on my phone throughout high school). Anyway, the Elmer's slid off the animals a bit when I was painting it on but a couple coats made it stick. 

So first get some plastic animals- mine are from CVS. I matched up each animal and dinner guest based on personality and looks. 


Now pour some glue onto a plate. Stick a push in through the top of an animal, hold the animal by the pin and brush a layer of glue on, wait a few seconds and brush a second layer.

Still holding the animal by the pin, shake glitter onto the entire animal. Make sure you do this over a piece of paper to collect excess glitter. 

Repeat the process for all the other animals, and place them on another piece of paper. They will stick to the paper but thats fine.

When the menagerie is all dried, peel each animal off the paper carefully. Make little paper name tags, pull the pin out of the animal, push through the tag, and replace the pin back into the animal. 

See how much an aqua colored T-Rex adds to this table setting?



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