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 I ADORE MONOGRAMS. Bedding, towels, handbags, stationary, Uggs (such a love/hate relationship), button downs- if it's mine, I like it to be marked as such. This probably stems from having a little sister with sticky fingers. Anyway, inspired by Goyard and Louis Vuitton, I decided to figure out how to monogram my very own Harper Ave backpack. Took a bit of trial and error, but I now have a foolproof recipe. This technique works very well on Harper Ave backpacks' leather, but should work really on any natural leather Item. I would do a few trial runs of the letters on paper, and a tiny patch test on a non-visible part of the bag you are painting to make sure your paint takes well to the leather.


SUPPLIES: Scissors, pencil, eraser, small brush, water cup, palette or saucer, slightly damp paper towel, print out of the monogram you want to paint (try a few different fonts and sizes), tape (flamingo tape dispenser optional), and two acrylic paint colors. 


Read the label of the acrylic paint you get to make sure the description says suitable for leather. NEOPAQUE paint by Jacquard works well and is widely available in craft stores. Wipe the leather clean with a damp paper towel and let completely dry.

Cut out your favorite monogram options and pick the one that best fits the area you plan to paint.

Now, using my favorite childhood trick, rub a pencil lightly and evenly across the backside of the paper monogram.

Flip the paper monogram over and tape securely to the area you want to paint. Then trace the outline of the monogram, applying firm pressure to the pencil.

Carefully peel the tape and monogram off, and you should have a nice transfer of the letters on the leather. Use an eraser to clean it up a bit if you are using light colored paint, as the excess graphite could tint the paint.

Dip your brush in some paint, blot it on a paper towel to remove excess, and very carefully start painting. I found that small thin strokes work best. Be careful and take your time.

When you finish painting the letters, let them dry for about 20 minuetes, and add another coat if necessary.

Once all the coats are completely dry, start adding the light colored shadows. Notice that I got a bit too much white on the middle part of the letter "B"- I simply correct it with some more turquoise paint at the end.

And that is all! Now you have a chic personalized Harper Ave backpack.





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