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This bright backpack is a nod to Jeff Koon‚ a playful sculpture, Orange Balloon Dog. Perhaps best known for his reproduction of banal objects, the American born artist is one of the most controversial yet popular living artists we have today. The artist himself has stated that there really is no hidden meaning behind his work, and critics are sharply divided in their views, some view his oeuvre as hugely significant and influential, while others dismiss it as mere kitsch. Either way, one cannot help but crack a smile when faced with a gleaming 12-foot tall balloon dog.

DETAILS: This designer patent/leather backpack features classic orange patent with light grey sides. Natural, breathable leather back panel, straps, and details. Cloth lining w/ pockets. Complete with quick retrieval side pocket so you can access your phone/keys/metro card without taking your backpack off your back.

THIS BACKPACK IS BIG! When full it measures roughly 13" x 16" (all size laptops fit in here!)

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