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This backpack is named after influential American architect Philip Johnson. Though his style changed quite a bit over the span of the career, his 1949 steel framed glass box known as the Glass House first put him on the map. The extreme minimalism and beautiful clean form were likely inspired/stolen from Mies van der Rohe‚ Farnsworth House (we have another backpack- white with clear sides- modeled after it!).

DETAILS: This designer patent/leather backpack features glossy slate patent with neoprene (scuba/wetsuit material) sides. Natural, breathable black leather back panel, straps, and details. Cloth lining w/ pockets. Complete with quick retrieval side pocket so you can access your phone/keys/metro card without taking your backpack off your back.

THIS BACKPACK IS BIG! When full it measures roughly 13"x 16" (all size laptops fit in here!)

Sale item - final sale.

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